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High performance composite filter production method
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Multi-purpose composite filter production method
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Deodorization layer creating non-woven fiber production method
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Food fluid absorbing pad
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High ventilation filament non-woven fiber support including air-filter and production method
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Hook-loop connecting system loop tape production method and the loop tape created from this system
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Precipitation type fiber filter
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Production method of filter with deodorizing particles included
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Production method of filter with deodorizing particles included\
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Production method of filter with deodorizing particles included
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Hygienic absorption products equipped with absorption passage and their production method
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Extraction of phellondendron active ingredient and the inclusion of phellondendron active ingredient in performance hygienic products
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Reduced leeway disposable absorption products
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Micro capillary tube capable of trapping cells
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Production method of hygienic products equipped with caffeine active ingredients
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Hygienic products equipped with aromatic plant ingredients
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Incontinence pad
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Utility model

Functional non-woven fabric and human excretion absorption hygienic products including functional non-woven fabric
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Incontinence pad for men
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