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Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I choose my internal diapers?

A: It depends on how you will use the internal (external) diapers.
When wishing to use internal (external) tape type, you can use the internal (external) tape type diapers and when wishing to use the underwear type, the internal diapers for underwear type can be used.
When selecting diapers, please also take into consideration the number of times absorption will be required depending on the amount.

Q: Urine keeps leaking. Is there a solution?

A: There are two main reasons for leaking which can be handled as follows.
First reason is because of a lack of absorption by the diapers. In this case, please change to a product with stronger absorption ability.
Second reason is because of a gap in the diaper. When leaking occurs from a gap, the size of the diaper and wearing method should be checked. Please also check the type of underwear diaper and the application method to fix any incorrect wearing.

Q: Why can’t I overlap the internal diapers?

A: The backside of internal diapers is waterproof so that urine cannot pass through and therefore overlapping will not increase the absorption ability.
Furthermore, when internal diapers are overlapped, height difference will occur, increasing the chances of leaking. Additionally, when overlapped, the ventilation ability of the diapers will be diminished causing problems like sweating.

Q: I am using the 5 times external diaper and 2 times internal diaper but there is leaking. What is the reason?

A: Using the 5 times external diaper and 2 times internal diaper will not equal to 7 times absorption.
The outside of the internal diapers are coated with waterproof sheets and so urine cannot pass through and therefore even when using together with external diapers, the absorption amount will not be increased.
When using the internal diapers with the external diapers, any leaking from the sides or the front can be absorbed by the external diapers. The absorption amount will not increase but in this case, you can just change the internal diapers, making diaper changing convenient.

Q: The large size tape type diapers are too small and the extra large type leave excess tape creating a gap. Is there a solution?

A: When there is excess tape, taping it diagonally can create a good fit for the body.
Also if the gap is large, by wearing an internal diaper inside, the gap can be eliminated. When using the internal diaper, changing it becomes easy.

Q: If the diaper is clean, how long can I use it for?

A: Even if the diaper is clean, for hygienic purposes it is recommended to change it at least once a day.

Q: What if I accidently wash my diapers in the washing machine?

A: Any material that was torn from the diapers, or if any absorption gels become free, please clean them with a rag. Please note that absorption gels may still be inside the washing machine and connecting areas. If the washing machine does not operate or water release is not functioning properly, please contact the washing machine manufacturer for assistance. Absorption gels found on washed clothes can be brushed off easily after drying.

Q: I accidently ate my diapers. Is this ok?

A: The gel types are high absorption types.
The safety of accidently consumed high absorption type gels has been found to be at a “practically harmless level” through the acute toxicity testing.

[In cases of consuming powder type high polymer absorbent before using] In small quantities, it is harmless because the body will eventually expel them. However, when consumed together with pulp in large quantities, there is a risk of them getting stuck in the esophagus so please induce vomiting and seek immediate doctor’s assistance.

[In cases of consuming powder type high polymer absorbent after using] The absorbent will have absorbed urine and will have converted to inflated gels, and therefore even if they were to be consumed through the esophagus and into the stomach, they will not absorb additional water from the body, creating a hernia. They will eventually be expelled from the body. However, because excretion has been absorbed in the gels, there may be hygienic problems, so seeking immediate doctor’s advice is recommended.
Q: I am having difficulties in night time excretion.

A: In such cases it is advisable to improve daily activity patterns and especially controlling water consumption.
Generally it is advisable to control water consumption to 2% of one’s weight excluding meal time. It is advisable to limit water consumption after 3 pm and it is effective to avoid substances that induce diuresis such as caffeine and alcohol.
It is important to strike a balance between water consumption and urination so keeping a record of urination period is advisable.
(People with diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, uremia, renal failure and those taking diuretic medication should take special care to control their water consumption)